Original HONOR Band 6 Global Version Smart watch 1.47″ AMOLED BraceletTracker Heart Rate Monitor Fitness Waterproof Touch Screen




Global Version HONOR Band 6

Original Global Version HONOR Band 6 Bracelet Smart Band Watch Global Version Heart Rate Monitor Blood Oxygen Touch Screen Amoled Waterproof


1. AMOLED color touchscreen 1.47 inch with 100+ fabulous watch faces

2. Typical 2 weeks battery life with convenient magnetic fast charging

3. Smart 24h heart rate monitoring with abnormal pulse active reminder

4. Female cycle management and remind (via OTA, not yet available on iOS)

5. Support blood oxygen saturation SpO2 check to know your body better

6. Sports type auto recognition, 10 professional workout modes and guiding


1. 1.47″ Zhen colorful large screen & 100+ personality dials.

2. Convenient magnetic port for fast charging.

3. 24 hours smart heart rate detection with abnormal pulse active reminder

4. Female cycle management and remind (via OTA, not yet available on iOS)

5. Support blood oxygen saturation SpO2 check to know your body better

6. Sports type auto recognition, 10 professional workout modes and guiding.

Redefine Fitness Tracker with a Large Screen

Screen Design:Large screen with narrow bezels

Using Experience:Large screen for easy operation

1.47″ Large AMOLED Screen Phenomenal Visual Experience

A 1.47″ large screen means 148% more display area than traditional fitness trackers that gives you a phenomenal visual experience.

Show Your Style with OurUnique Design

Customizable Watch Face to Fit Your Mood

Change your band face at any time to fit your style with a lot of band face choices in watch face store.

Show your attitude by setting an album photo as your personalized watch face.

Charge for 10 Minutes Wear It for 3 Days

HONOR Band 6 has a better battery life and equips with magnetic fast charging tofree you from long recharge times.

Blood Oxygen Level Monitor on Your Wrist

Blood oxygen level is a key indicator of your overall wellness.Low blood oxygen will cause tiredness, lack of energy, loss of memory capacity.Long term of low blood oxygen will damage your brain, heart and other organs.

The HONOR Band 6 combines optimized optical hardware and software algorithms to precisely detect blood oxygen level.

Intelligent 24-Hour Heart Rate Monitor

With TruSeen 4.0 all-day heart rate monitoring, HONOR Band 6 can detect abnormal heart rates and give alerts.HONOR Band 6 is here for you, all day.Sleep Monitors Helps You Sleep Deeper

TruSleepTM algorithm on the HONOR Bano 6 can precisely record sleep durations and stages.HONOR Band 6 provides professional sleep improving suggestions and personalized sleep aid, HONOR Band 6 can help you get a good night of rest.Female Cycle Tracker Every Special Period is Important

HONOR Band 6 supports the period-tracking calendar that allows you to see your upcoming estimated fertile window and compare all your stats in one place, giving you a better overview of your health.10 Professional Workout Modes Make Your Own Progress Every Day

HONOR Band 6 has a large selection of workout modes to track your physica exercises such as running, walking, cycling’ and other activities. Even if you want to do your exercise underwater, HONOR Band 6 will precisely record your performance for your reference.Auto Detect Workout Types Record Your Every Move

HONOR Band 6 auto detects 6 workouts such as running, walking rowing machine and elliptical machine.HONOR Band 6 can also precisely record your real-time heart rate ano give you feedback during workout based on preset goal.Together, HONOR Band 6 will make your exercise easier by providing more comprehensive dataEvery Thing You Need to KnowHONOR Band 6 Will Remind You

HONOR Band 6 will remind you of everything that requires attention, such as incoming message, daily agenda and so on.Functions like music playback control’, remote camera shutter10, find your phone and other useful features make your daily tech life more njoyable.


1.Device charging

The bracelet will automatically turn on when charging. To charge the device, simply attach the charging port on the back of the HONOR Band 6 to the magnetic charging base, and the charging indicator will immediately show on the HONOR Band 6’s screen. Charging will stop automatically once the device detects that it is fully charged.


a. When charging, please ensure that the charging base port and the charging port of the bracelet are aligned correctly (the button side of the bracelet is in the same direction as the charging port of the charging base), otherwise the bracelet and the charging base will be mutually exclusive;

b. A charging cable is included in the bracelet package, but there is no plug.

2.Pairing with your smartphone

ØDownload and install the Health App on your phone(Scan the QR code to download and install the Health app. The QR Code can also be found on the package or manual.)

ØEnable Bluetooth on your phone

ØPress and hold the side button to start up your HONOR Band 6

ØIn the app, go to Devices > Add > Smart Band, and select your device name/model to initiate pairing process

ØTouch the “check” mark to approve the pairing request on the screen of your HONOR Band 6


a. Please keep the bluetooth of your phone turned on during pairing;

b. Please turn on the GPS permission of your phone to allow Huawei Health App to obtain the permission of mobile phone location; c. The pairing code will display on the screen of bracelet if turn on the device for the first time or restore to factory settings

3.Basic operations & gestures

You can easily navigate through the HONOR Band 6’s features by using the touchscreen and the side button.

4.Updating Health App & HONOR Band 6

Before you start testing the device, please make sure that you are using the latest version of the Health App and that the latest version of the software is installed on the device.

To update the Health App, use your device’s App store.

Tocheck for the latest software updates on the HONOR Band 6, please open the Health App, go to Devices > touch the device name > Firmware update, then tap on “Update” to see if there are any new updates to install.

5. Receiving/ Checking / Deleting Notifications

Notifications:Open the Huawei Health App, then touch Devices and your device name. Touch Notifications and enable Notifications. Turn on the switch for apps that you want to receive notifications from. If you are using an iOS phone, enable notifications for the corresponding apps in your phone settings.

Viewing unread notifications:Unread notifications will be available to view on your watch. To view them, swipe up on the home screen or touch Notifications in the app list. A maximum of 10 unread notifications can be saved on your watch. If there are more than 10 unread notifications, the older notifications will be overwritten. Each message will only be displayed on one screen.

Deleting notifications:Swipe right on a notification to delete a single notification or touch Clear at the bottom of the list to delete all unread notifications.

6. Setting Time Zone & Language

When you turn on your watch for the first time or pair it with your phone after a factory reset, you will be prompted to select a language before pairing. After both devices are paired, the language on your watch will be the same as the language on the phone. If you change the language, region, time, or time format on your phone, the changes will automatically sync to the watch, as long as the watch is connected to your phone.

If the language and region information on your phone are supported on the watch, the language on your watch will be the same as the language displayed on your phone.

If the language on your phone is supported on the watch while the region is not, the watch will display the same language as that displayed on your phone. For example, if the language displayed on your phone is Brazilian Portuguese, the watch will display European Portuguese instead.

If the language on your phone is not supported on the watch, the watch will display English by default.

If your phone has a 12-hour time format, the time displayed on the watch will not distinguish whether it is in the morning or afternoon.

7. The Watch Battery Drains Quickly

Disable the following features if you do not use them:

Raise wrist to wake screen;

Unnecessary app notifications;

Bluetooth disconnection reminder;

Automatically/continuous heart rate monitoring and Huawei TruSleep.

Additional information

Brand Name



All Compatible

Band Material


Waterproof Grade

Life Waterproof


Mainland China


Sleep Tracker, Blood Oxygen, Heart Rate Tracker, Activity Tracker

Touch Screen



Chinese, English, Russian, Spanish, Polish, Portuguese, Turkish, Italian, French, German, Norwegian, Korean, Japanese, Ukrainian

Screen Type

Color LCD

Application Age Group






Screen Style


Case Material


Band Detachable


Feature 1

Charge for 10 Minutes, Wear It for 3 Days

Feature 2

Customizable Watch

Feature 3

24-Hour Heart Rate Monitor

Feature 4

Blood Oxygen Level Monitor


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